In BYOT It’s the Y and O That Matters


In this article they talk mainly about using your own type of technology.  Children and adults alike now-a-days are having to adopt more and more to the technology era.  It was at first frightening, but now it has become accepted that the world is diverting to more of a technology approach.  BYOT is an organization that prefers students to bring their own laptops to class.  Students feel more comfortable using their own devices because they are already used to how their own toys work.  They also have their own settings and apps downloaded to their ipods/laptops.  Another reason why BYOT does what they do is to inspire self-inspiration in young students.  They want to show students how to properly use something instead of just banning it. 

What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

My opinion on the issue of the article is I agree with what they are doing.  I understand where they are coming from when they ask for ‘self-exploration’. I agree with this because at a young age it is very encouraged to let children explore their surroundings.

How will the issue affect your relationship with your students, parents, colleagues, and/or principals?

This issue will affect my relationship with my students, parents, colleagues, and/or principals for the better.  The reason I feel this is because I really like to use technology.  Ever since I was young I’ve been around a computer for the most part so I know how to free flow through a majority of computers out there today.  This will affect my relationship with my other colleagues and my principal because I will be able to show off my skills.  In turn moving me up and gaining respect from my fellow peers.  I will be able to confidently talk with my students having the knowledge needed to maneuver through the courses.  

What limitations or criticisms of the idea are important to consider?

Something that came to my concern is will the students be using their handheld devices instead of listening to the teacher when its not time to focus on those?  It seems like it could be a mighty distraction to young students.  Another limitation that is important to consider is what will happen to textbooks?  If all of the students are now bringing in different technology devices to class, the textbooks will virtually go out the window. 


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