Teaching With Smartphones (Blog #4)

Teaching with SmartPhones




The article that I read talked about the advantages and disadvantages of having smart phones in the classroom.  Obviously it is a very serious concern to many educators across the country.  Cell phones in the classroom has always been a huge no-no, well this article says that this bias might change.  The article talked about the advantges of students with smart phones aka how they can help in a classroom setting.  With the ability to use smart phones the teacher can no do almost everything online.  They can do online polls, notes, quizzes/tests, make up hw, etc.. Almost everything will now be able to be online with the help of smart phones.  They have done lots of research reguarding this topic and it looks like they are leaning towards doing this.  The best part about this ability is going to be all the searches and research a student will be able to do from his or her own desk.  All they will have to do go to Google and they have virtually every answer in the palm of their hands. 

How will the issue help or hinder your teaching practice? Why?

  This issue will help my teaching practice no doubt.  I’ve been around smart phones since the day they came out, so I know the in’s and out’s of them.  This will help me in my teaching practice because I will be able to easily navigate through the steps with my students.  I think that if this pulls through it will make a lot of teachers jobs easier, including mine in the future.  I also think that with this will come some faults.  The student will now have his or her smart phone out in front of them; this could work as a very good distraction tool. 

How does the news, issues, and trends relate to other issues or theories you’ve learned in this class or other classes?

  This news relates to the theories that I have learned in this class in a few ways.  One being that everything we have done in this class has been online, with that in mind it will be very easy to do the same with my students.  Another thing that relates to this class is the polls and blogs that we have done.  It will be very simple for me to ask my students to create a blog, or ask your other students a question using your polls. 



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