Teaching With Smartphones (Blog #4)

Teaching with SmartPhones




The article that I read talked about the advantages and disadvantages of having smart phones in the classroom.  Obviously it is a very serious concern to many educators across the country.  Cell phones in the classroom has always been a huge no-no, well this article says that this bias might change.  The article talked about the advantges of students with smart phones aka how they can help in a classroom setting.  With the ability to use smart phones the teacher can no do almost everything online.  They can do online polls, notes, quizzes/tests, make up hw, etc.. Almost everything will now be able to be online with the help of smart phones.  They have done lots of research reguarding this topic and it looks like they are leaning towards doing this.  The best part about this ability is going to be all the searches and research a student will be able to do from his or her own desk.  All they will have to do go to Google and they have virtually every answer in the palm of their hands. 

How will the issue help or hinder your teaching practice? Why?

  This issue will help my teaching practice no doubt.  I’ve been around smart phones since the day they came out, so I know the in’s and out’s of them.  This will help me in my teaching practice because I will be able to easily navigate through the steps with my students.  I think that if this pulls through it will make a lot of teachers jobs easier, including mine in the future.  I also think that with this will come some faults.  The student will now have his or her smart phone out in front of them; this could work as a very good distraction tool. 

How does the news, issues, and trends relate to other issues or theories you’ve learned in this class or other classes?

  This news relates to the theories that I have learned in this class in a few ways.  One being that everything we have done in this class has been online, with that in mind it will be very easy to do the same with my students.  Another thing that relates to this class is the polls and blogs that we have done.  It will be very simple for me to ask my students to create a blog, or ask your other students a question using your polls. 



Technology for teachers: The digital classroom has arrived



   The article that I chose to read was all about putting more and more technology into the classroom.  This is becoming a reoccurring theme in today’s discussions about education.  Seeing how one day I aspire to be an educator, it is something that needs to be critically talked about.

They talk about all the different sorts of social media and how they are affecting the students in a classroom environment.  This canadian ideal has brought about quite the stir.  I know that there is a huge rise in technology now a days and this article is a very good read.  For example, I had much more technology growing up than my other brother did, and my younger sister had more technology in her childhood than I did.  Teachers need to start realizing that it is not going away and they either need to jump on board or they will be left behind.  This type of technology will help teachers and students alike.  The article went on to talk about “reminder 101”.  Reminder 101 is a technology advanced system in which all of the parents of all the students will receive text messages to inform them of when their child’s deadline is.  This is a great way for students and teachers alike to be successful in the classroom.  


How will the issue help or hinder your teaching practice? Why?

This issue will help my teaching practice.  I have been around technology all of my life so I am very ‘fluent’ when it comes to using a computer.  The social media and it’s influence is becoming stronger and stronger everyday and one day will take over how people interact with one another.  I have full faith in my abilities that I would be able to run a classroom with this system implicated.  


How does the news, issues, and trends relate to other issues or theories you’ve learned in this class or other classes?

This news article relates a ton to our class.  Since our class is all about technology and how it is affecting the classroom I can understand and relate to this article.  In other classes this relates as well because we are already using the computers more.  Whether it is an online assignment or a whole presentation done all on the computer.  It is all related and the theories that I’ve learned in ALL my classes is that technology is taking over.  So a teacher needs to learn how to use it or they will be left behind.

D.C. students test ‘Teach to One’ learning system


   The article I chose to read was about a very below average middle school adopting a new form of educating their students.  At Hart Middle School in Southeast Washington students are learining math thorugh computers; at their own pace.  They also talk about other schools throughout the united states that are doing slight varations to the system.  With the government’s full support of this idea they are trying to canapult the United States back to the top.

What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

Personally, I disagree with what they are trying to do.  I understand where they are coming from when they say that every child learns at a different pace, but this is a little too much.  The main reason I disagree is, what’s going to happen to all the job positions for teachers out there?  This is a big concern for me as I am aspiring to become a teacher one day.  I hope this is not the first step to students learning soley by computers and no teacher presence is needed.

How will the issue help or hinder your teaching practice? Why?

   The problem I have with this idea is how different will it be in the classroom if this goes nation wide?  All teachers will have to completly change thier structured lesson plans in order to fit this new way of teaching.  This will change my teaching practice because I am a very verbal teacher.  I would like to be able to speak to my students because I feel that would be my best teaching method.

How will the issue help or hinder student learning?

   This is a very important question.  I am not completely sure the correct answer to this one but I think it will help my students ability to learn.  Because of the fact that all students learn at their own pace this system that they have implicated will work acceptionally well with struggling students.  This will make it much easier on the students ability to understand and grasp the knowledge. 

What limitations or criticisms of the idea are important to consider?

The first limitation that pops into my head is what is going to happen to teacher salary?  And what is going to happen to the outlook a teacher has on finding a job?  There are many positive and negative thing to consider.  I think it’ll make a teacher job even harder.  Now they don’t even have a steady pace of teaching since every student will be on a different speed.

In BYOT It’s the Y and O That Matters


In this article they talk mainly about using your own type of technology.  Children and adults alike now-a-days are having to adopt more and more to the technology era.  It was at first frightening, but now it has become accepted that the world is diverting to more of a technology approach.  BYOT is an organization that prefers students to bring their own laptops to class.  Students feel more comfortable using their own devices because they are already used to how their own toys work.  They also have their own settings and apps downloaded to their ipods/laptops.  Another reason why BYOT does what they do is to inspire self-inspiration in young students.  They want to show students how to properly use something instead of just banning it. 

What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

My opinion on the issue of the article is I agree with what they are doing.  I understand where they are coming from when they ask for ‘self-exploration’. I agree with this because at a young age it is very encouraged to let children explore their surroundings.

How will the issue affect your relationship with your students, parents, colleagues, and/or principals?

This issue will affect my relationship with my students, parents, colleagues, and/or principals for the better.  The reason I feel this is because I really like to use technology.  Ever since I was young I’ve been around a computer for the most part so I know how to free flow through a majority of computers out there today.  This will affect my relationship with my other colleagues and my principal because I will be able to show off my skills.  In turn moving me up and gaining respect from my fellow peers.  I will be able to confidently talk with my students having the knowledge needed to maneuver through the courses.  

What limitations or criticisms of the idea are important to consider?

Something that came to my concern is will the students be using their handheld devices instead of listening to the teacher when its not time to focus on those?  It seems like it could be a mighty distraction to young students.  Another limitation that is important to consider is what will happen to textbooks?  If all of the students are now bringing in different technology devices to class, the textbooks will virtually go out the window.